Saudi billionaire Alwaleed is not really free, says sources

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Saudi billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal is under house arrest and is banned from leaving the country despite being freed at a cost of as much as $6 billion, a source close to the Saudi crown prince has told

Alwaleed was released from detention Saturday after he made an undisclosed financial settlement with the Saudi government after two months held captive. The figure has been reported to be as high as $6 billion.

The 63-year-old prince was arrested as part of a major anti-corruption clampdown in Saudi Arabia and held with dozens of other princes and billionaires in the luxury Ritz-Carlton hotel in Riyadh.

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His daughter celebrates his freedom on Monday by tweeting a photograph of him, although it is unclear if it is a new image.

A source close to Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, known by his initials MBS,  told Alwaleed is still being closely watched and not really free.

His release was merely a PR exercise to counter a BBC documentary which had caused embarrassment for the Gulf state last week.

Source Credit: Daily Mail



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