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Saudi Brothers Washed Away by Torrent in Al Ghafrat Village

Two young Saudi brothers, Abdul Aziz and Faisal Al Dakhil, have lost their lives to a sudden torrent in the village of Al Ghafrat, near the province of Bisha.

Known for their enthusiasm for swimming in the village torrent, the brothers were caught off guard by the fierce waters this time, leading to a fatal outcome.

Ayedh Al Qait, a relative, recounted the circumstances leading to the tragedy. Despite previous experiences swimming in the torrent and warnings about the dangers, the brothers ventured into the water without their father’s knowledge. Their last interaction with their father occurred just an hour before the incident.

Abdul Aziz was a student at the College of Technology, and Faisal was a high school student. They were both regarded as exemplary young men within their family. Abdul Aziz’s body was recovered the day following the incident, and Faisal was found the subsequent day with the combined efforts of the Civil Defence and local residents.

The incident and the subsequent recovery of the bodies in Wadi Taraj, southwest of Bisha, garnered significant attention on social media platforms.

In response to this tragedy, the Civil Defence issued a warning against the dangers of torrential streams.

An awareness campaign was launched, including a graphic video explaining the risks associated with sitting near or crossing floodwaters.


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