Saudi: Businessman defamed for selling fake electronic goods

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A businessman, who was found guilty of trade malpractices for possessing and selling electrical appliances non-conforming to standard specifications, has been named and shamed by the Ministry of Commerce and Investment.

Acting on a judicial verdict, the ministry condemned the establishment owner by publishing the verdict in two newspapers at the expense of the violator. Besides, all the fake items including 250 pieces of electrical connections and plugs have been seized and destroyed. Also, a monetary fine has been imposed on the establishment.

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The Ministry of Commerce reiterated that stern action would be taken against those indulging in practices in violation of the anti-Commercial Fraud Law.

The rules and regulations under the law stipulate penalties that may reach to three-year imprisonment, fines up to one million riyals or both, defamation in two local newspapers at the expense of the violator, deportation of the illegal workers from the Kingdom and suspension and prevention of practicing the trading activity.

The ministry has also urged the consumers to lodge their complaints or observations through MC Consumer Call Center (1900), or through the application of a Commercial Violation Report, or via the ministry’s website.


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