Saudi: Cafes, juices, sweets shops to open till 3am

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Cafeterias, shops for foul and dumplings, ice cream, hot drinks (coffee shops), fresh juices and cold drinks, and retail sweets shops selling chocolates, cocoa, etc.manual bakeries; retail shops for bakery products and sugary sweets (sweets shops); retail shops for domestic animals, their food, and ornamental fish and their requirements have been allowed to remain open till 3 am. during the holy month of Ramadan.

These shops are part of about 20 additional commercial activities that have been allowed to operate during Ramadan from 3 pm till 3 am. All these shops will have to take their orders online and supply the goods through a fleet of vehicles of private firms.

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The activities found in the updated list of Ministry of municipal and rural affairs come within three sectors –agriculture and food, operation and maintenance of residences and buildings, and transport and logistics services.

The list also includes road, street and pavements repairs, and road requirements (construction and maintenance of roads, bridges and tunnels; road cleaning projects, care and maintenance of parks and amusement parks for public housing purposes; care and maintenance of recreation parks on expressways; sterilization and fumigation to exterminate insects and rodents; installation and maintenance of lifts, escalators and conveyor belts, automatic doors, building maintenance services and renovation of residential buildings.

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In the transport and logistics sector, the activities recently included in the updated list are services for collecting and disposal of garbage.


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