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Saudi Calligrapher Saleh Al-Mansouf, Known for Flag Design, Passes Away

Saudi calligrapher Saleh al-Mansouf, who was credited with updating the style of the inscription and sword on Saudi Arabia’s flag over 50 years ago, passed away at the age of 86, just ahead of the Kingdom’s Flag Day.

Al-Mansouf was the first Saudi calligrapher to manually write the shahada – the Muslim profession of faith – and draw the sword on Saudi Arabia’s flag using white dye in the early 1960s when technology and printing devices were not available

He was also among the first calligraphers whose handwriting adorned the certificates of several graduates at Imam Muhammad bin Saud University.

Al-Mansouf was also commissioned by the Riyadh Municipality to create calligraphy panels for use during official occasions and celebrations.


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