Saudi Citizen Account Program processes nearly 145,000 applications since February ‘17 launch

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The Saudi Citizen Account Program – which provides economic support to nationals – has handled 144,965 documents proving applicants eligibility for payments since its launch in February 2017, the Saudi state news agency (SPA) reported.

The program is a national scheme that was created to protect Saudi households from the expected impact — direct and indirect — of economic reforms. Recipients receive support through direct cash transfers.

Aimed at simplifying government benefits, the aim of the program is to improve the level of services provided to Saudi citizens, raise the efficiency of government spending and operation, and create greater transparently and effective payment to those most needing of assistance.

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The support compensates for the increase in prices, as a result of the change in electricity and petrol prices, and the application of VAT on food and drink.

The allowances will be reviewed every three months, ensuring that households receive payments that meets their changing requirements.

People who have been unsuccessful in their applications for the allowance have the right to appeal on the website Those who choose to appeal against an unsuccessful application have three months to do so, and will be able to track the status of the objection through the portal until receiving a message with the result of the objection.

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Successful appeals will then receive a back payment for the relevant time – up to a maximum of five months.

Source Credit: Arab News


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