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Saudi: Class Action Lawsuit Filed by 22 Workers Against Company Settled

A class action lawsuit brought by 22 workers, of different nationalities, against one of the companies in Riyadh has been settled during the last period.

The class action lawsuit was settled amicably by a field team from the Amicable Settlement Department at the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development’s branch in Riyadh.

The reconciliation included ending the labour relationship with one of the companies, as well as the disbursement of their due financial rights, which happened after reaching a satisfactory solution for the parties through a series of amicable settlement sessions between them.

It is worth mentioning that the cases received by the Amicable Settlement Departments, in general, are numerous, including disputes related to labour contracts, wages, rights, as well as work injuries and compensation.

It also includes vacation allowance, as well as disputes over everything related to work and the terms of contracts that had been concluded between companies and employment.


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