Saudi: Smuggling Attempts On Buses Carrying Pilgrims Foiled

saudi customs
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Saudi Customs at Halat Ammar port has foiled two attempts to smuggle 184,737 Captagon pills into the country on buses carrying Umrah pilgrims.

Saudi Customs said the pills were hidden in two buses transporting passengers on pilgrimage to the Gulf kingdom.

Mohammed Qaisi, general manager of Halat Ammar Customs, said 100,000 pills were discovered hidden on one bus transporting 47 passengers, inside the inner lining of one of the passengers’ bags.

Another 84,737 Captagon pills were seized on a second bus transporting 31 passengers, he added.

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He said that an upsurge in smuggling attempts has been seen during the Umrah and Hajj pilgrimage seasons, during which millions of pilgrims enter the country to visit the holy cities.

Earlier this month, Dubai Customs announced the seizure of more than 5.7 million Captagon pills.

According to the authority, the pills were hidden in a foodstuff container arriving into the emirate from an unnamed Arab country at the Jebel Ali and Tecom Customs Centre.

This latest bust by Dubai Customs raises the number of Captagon pills seized to over 10.7 million tablets in a four-month period.

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