Saudi Demands Apology From Canada To Resolve Diplomatic Feud

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Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister, Adel al-Jubeir asked Canada to apologize for demanding the release of Saudi women’s rights activists and stop treating the kingdom as “a banana republic” if it wanted to resolve a diplomatic dispute between the two countries.

“What are we? A banana republic? Would any country accept this?” he asked. “You owe us an apology. It is very easy to fix — apologize, say you made a mistake.”

Jubeir’s comments cast doubt over rumors that both countries would reach a quick resolution. Freeland had mentioned that she intended to speak to Jubeir on the sidelines of the UN meetings this week. However, Jubeir said that Saudi Arabia’s stance in the dispute remains the same, and that Canada did not change its stance either. “We did not do this, you did. Fix it. You owe us an apology. Apologize, say you made a mistake,” he said. “In Canada we became a political football. Find another ball to play with, not Saudi Arabia.”

Jubeir also criticized Canada for making such demands, adding that many countries like the US, UK and Germany have criticized Saudi Arabia over similar issues before, but never made demands. “It is outrageous from our perspective that a country will sit there and lecture us, and make demands. ‘We demand the immediate release’.. Really? We demand the immediate independence of Quebec and the equal granting of rights to Canadian Indians,” Jubeir said.


Source Credit: Saudi Gazette


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