Saudi driving schools to accept women from March

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Saudi driving schools will begin accepting women from March next year, according to reports. Saudi Gazette cited sources as confirming the plans, which follow a historic decision by King Salman to allow women to drive from June 24, 2018. Around 63 driving schools in the kingdom are preparing to welcome women, according to the publication.

However, many are already travelling abroad with the sole intention of taking driving lessons before the ban is lifted. Tour operators are now offering packages to countries including Egypt that tie-in two hours of driving lessons each day.

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Saudi’s Directorate General of Traffic recently changed the country’s rules for obtaining a driving licence. The new system means driving lessons of 30 to 120 hours are mandatory before someone can take a driving test. A survey released last month indicated more than 80 per cent of women in the kingdom intend to get behind the wheel when the ban is lifted.

Source Credit: Gulf Business

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