Saudi: Dusty weather brings 1,368 emergency cases

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Authorities in Saudi Arabia have issued alerts and warnings regarding the adverse weather conditions that are expected to prevail in some areas of the country.

Cities in the Kingdom had been hit by sandstorms on Thursday which had led to the disruption of road and air transport across the country and several accidents in the city of Jeddah. The maritime traffic coming in and going out of the Jeddah port was also affected due to the poor visibility.

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An earlier warning of the prevalence of unstable weather in the kingdom on Thursday and Friday had been issued by the early warning centre of the National Saudi Meteorology and Protection of the Environment agency.

Government hospitals in Riyadh received 1,368 emergency cases due to sandstorms and dusty weather that hit the city. The Ministry of Health warned the public against exposing themselves to bad weather because breathing in dust could exacerbate respiratory problems. It especially advised people with asthma to stay indoors during sandstorms.

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Source Credit: Khaleej Times


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