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Saudi Embassy updates travel procedures to Thailand

The Saudi Embassy in Bangkok has announced that it has updated the travelling procedure to Thailand for citizens. The embassy revealed the necessary requirements for Saudis to enter Thailand starting from July 2022, noting that the entry conditions for vaccinated travellers are:

1 – The citizens must obtain a visa from the Thai Embassy in Riyadh or the Consulate General in Jeddah or a visa on arrival with a validity of 14 days.

2 – Confirmed round-trip ticket

3 – Issuance of an approved vaccination certificate by the Ministry of Health with COVID-19 vaccine, two or more doses.

4 – All documents must be printed to present it upon arrival.

As for the entry conditions for Saudi travellers who are not vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine, they must:

1 – Saudis must keep their passport as an official document, as the Kingdom’s law requires it to be preserved and not to be mortgaged for any purpose or handed over to anyone except for a responsible employee who wants to check on the passport as a personal proof.

2 – Saudi citizens must immediately inform the nearest police station if their passport is lost or stolen.

In addition, it is necessary for them to be keen to record the case number and date as recorded in the police file and then to check and visit the embassy to complete the necessary procedures.

3 – Saudi citizens should be careful and not trust people who claim to be owners of companies or businesses.

4 – It is important to be careful and stay away from suspicious places.

5 – Saudi citizens should take caution and beware of theft incidents when they go out for a walk or while shopping, and not putting their money or passports in the hand bags that are easy to steal, especially when moving by the taxis or by the Tuk-Tuk.

6 – The embassy suggested to Saudi citizens to use the taxis, which are registered with the official authorities from the airport, especially for families when they arrive in central Bangkok or any other city.

The embassy noted that Saudi citizens could also at the embassy register the fare number on the plate installed in front of the passenger for inference when needed.

7 – All citizens must register their passports electronically with the embassy through its official website or by the application.

8 – It is necessary to activate debit or credit cards before travelling to Thailand if the Saudi citizens want to use them, this was due to the fact that some citizens had problems and been surprised by the inability to withdraw money from the ATM because of the lack of activation.

9 – It is important to make sure when renting an apartment, house or car that there is a legal rental contract from an approved real estate office that contains all the terms and regulations of the rental contract, as it must include: the required amount of insurance, payment methods and time of payment.

The embassy said that Saudi citizens must sign the contract after agreeing to all the terms of the contract, noting that each clause of the contract must then be adhered to in order to avoid any legal disputes.

10 – Saudi citizens wishing to apply for passport renewal must provide a valid national ID.

12 – It is necessary and important to stay away from places of political gatherings or demonstrations or try to engage and participate in them, as they are considered an internal political affair.

13 – Saudi citizens must respect and not interfere with others in their private affairs of religions, as well as the importance of not attacking the religious beliefs and symbols of others.

14 – Saudi citizens should beware of smoking except in designated places to avoid paying any fines.


Saudi Gazette

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