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Saudi executes three men guilty of terrorism charges

Saudi Arabia executed two Saudis and a Yemeni after they were found guilty of terrorism charges, Saudi Press Agency (SPA) quoted a Ministry of Interior statement on Saturday.

Mohammed Bn Khidir Bin Hashim Al-Awami, a Saudi national, was convicted of joining a “terrorist cell,” disrupting security, spreading chaos, targeting security forces and destroying public property.

Hussein Bn Ali Al Bu-Abdullah, also a Saudi national, was found guilty of working with terrorists and shooting dead a member of the security forces and of funding terrorist operations by receiving weapons and ammunition to disrupt security in the Kingdom.

Mohammed Abdulbaset Al-Muallami, a Yemeni national, was convicted of joining “the terrorist” Iran-backed Houthi militia and of illegally entering the Kingdom to carry out a terrorist operation.


Saudi Gazette

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