Saudi Arabia

Saudi: Expat arrested for operating full-time salon from home

The ingenuity of an expatriate to overcome the ban on salon activities in the Kingdom as part of the coronavirus pandemic restrictions did not allow him to make a quick buck for long. To earn his living, the expatriate simply turned his residence in Jazan into a full-time salon to serve his fellow countrymen.

The camouflaged facility, however, did not escape the hawk eyes of the Jazan Municipality. Its teams, in coordination with the security authorities, raided the makeshift salon and arrested the expatriate, Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported on Sunday.

The municipality’s monitoring teams and the relevant authorities carried out the operation, SPA quoted Jazan Mayor Naif Bin Mnahi Bin Saedan as saying. He said that the expatriate’s residence has been closed down and all the tools and implements were confiscated.


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