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Saudi: Expats held for money transfers of illegal residents

Saudi security authorities had arrested two Pakistani residents accused of transferring money of illegal expatriates to outside the kingdom in violation of regulations, a police official said.

The suspected pair in their 40s of age were found involved in collecting money from violators of residency, labour and border security rules and transferring them abroad using legal channels as a cover-up in return for specific commissions, spokesman for the Riyadh police Major Khalid Al Karidis added.

The suspects used a housing unit in a Riyadh district to practise their illegal business and were found in possession of SR26,750 when police raided the place.

“They were arrested. Preliminary legal procedures were taken with them and they were referred to public prosecution,” the official said.

Foreigners make up around 10.5 million of Saudi Arabia’s total population of 34.8 million.


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