Saudi Face Difficulties In Recruiting Full-Time Expat Maids

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Recruitment experts advise Saudi families to use the services of part-time house workers in the face of growing difficulties in importing labour from abroad.

The recommendation came as Indonesia and some other countries expressed their reluctance to allow the recruitment of their nationals to work full-time in Saudi households.

Mustapha Al-Abdaljabbar, the owner of a recruitment office, said the Indonesian government was refusing to allow sponsorship of its nationals by Saudi individuals to work at their homes even if the recruitment was done through a recruitment office.

“A lot of people are opting for part-time domestic workers. There are recruitment offices that are specialized in recruiting part-time domestic workers now. These offices will be able to execute Indonesian workers’ recruitment as opposed to offices that recruit full-time domestic workers for individuals,” said Al-Abdaljabbar.

He said the fate of the agreement between the Kingdom and Indonesia on the recruitment of domestic labour was still unclear. The price of recruitment is undefined and it is hard to define as it will depend on supply and demand, he added.

According to Hakeem Al-Khinaisi, another recruitment agent, there are three types of recruitment offices: offices that do not allow the transfer of sponsorship, offices that allow transfer and offices that allow clients to rent workers on an hourly basis.


Source Credit: Saudi Gazette


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