Saudi: Factory Illegally Run by Expats Sealed Off

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An unlicensed factory, run by Arab expats, producing a number of adulterated items was sealed during a crackdown by the Ministry of Commerce.

Inspection teams from the ministry conducted a 14-hour long raid at the plant. The operation was carried out in cooperation and coordination with officials from Riyadh police, mayoralty and the Saudi Food and Drug Authority.

The plant was manufacturing sterilizers, perfume oils and cosmetics. The workers were also engaged in forging trademarks of expired products. The inspection team seized a huge quantity of materials used for the manufacturing of these goods in an illegal way.

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The ministry summoned the factory owner for interrogation and handed over the workers to the concerned authorities to take penal action against them under the law to combat commercial fraud.

The ministry urged all consumers to inform about any commercial violations through its Mobile App Balagh Tijari at the link: or through the contact centre over phone 1900 or the official website of the ministry on the Internet.


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