Saudi: Female Nurse Faces Jail Due To False Accusation

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A Saudi woman has claimed that she was wrongly convicted of 137 executive violations because of a mistaken identity.

Sumayyah Jadaa, who worked as a nurse, said all of her civil services were suspended and she was bombarded with messages from executive courts in Riyadh, Al-Ahsa, Buraidah, Hafr Al-Batin, Al-Ardiyah Al-Shamaliyah, Al-Khobar and Dammam.

“There is a company registration with my ID number attached to it, but I never owned a company or was a partner in one. I received notifications from legal authorities saying I faced a prison sentence and fines reaching up to millions of riyals. I am a public sector employee with no connection to this company whatsoever”, said Jadaa.

She said her reputation was greatly damaged by this false accusation.

“I lost my promotion because all of my government services were suspended. The company was involved in money laundering and extortion, all of which I have nothing to do with. I went to the Ministry of Commerce and proved that I have no commercial records with them. I went to the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency, to Civil Status Offices and to several police stations to no avail”, said Jadaa.

Abdullah Bin Mushait, director general of the Ministry of Commerce and Investment›s office in Makkah, said in a report that he had checked the system and found no commercial record in the name of the citizen Sumayyah Jadaa.

“Her national ID number is similar to the company registrar’s number and that might have caused the confusion. As for absolving her of the charges, the matter is not in our jurisdiction. It is up to the legal authorities to resolve the issue”, said Bin Mushait.

Saleh Al-Ghamdi, a lawyer, said the Supreme Judicial Council must get involved and order the courts to drop the charges against Jadaa. She is entitled to compensation for the harm she has endured due to the mistake, he added.

Female nurse wrongly convicted of 137 executive violations, faces a prison term and millions of riyals in fine.


Source Credit: Saudi Gazette


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