Saudi female prosecutors to be recruited to protect women’s privacy

RIYADH: Women prosecutors will be recruited to the same positions as their male counterparts, Saudi Arabia’s Attorney General Sheikh Saud Al-Mojeb has said.

Responding to questions from Arab News, Al-Mojeb said jobs recently offered to women were meant to protect women’s privacy in issues that required female investigators.

Al-Mojeb said the recruitments were in line with Vision 2030 requirements to support the role of women.

Asked whether women had been accused of corruption and if the new jobs (female investigators) were created to investigate their cases, the general prosecutor said no women had been accused. If such a case were to occur, the system would apply without any discrimination, he said.

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Al-Mojeb said expanding employment for women in other areas of the public prosecution would be implemented if required.

On a certain ceiling for women’s positions, he said the same conditions for male employees of the public prosecution would apply.

On the number of those accused of corruption charges and the key accusations levelled against those at the Ritz Carlton, as well as the results of investigations, he said their number stands at 350.

Key accusations were focused on administrative corruption, wasting public funds, embezzlement, misuse of public office and bribery, he said.

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Source Credit: Arab News