Saudi: Filipinos Advised To Stop Partying & Follow The Law

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The Philippine Embassy in Riyadh has urged the Filipino community in the Kingdom to follow the law of land and strictly adhere to residency regulations.

It reminded community members to refrain from organizing or attending events or gatherings that are unsanctioned or without permission from the local authorities.

The advisory assumes importance in the backdrop of the arrests of several Filipinos, among other expatriates, in Riyadh on the weekend for participating in a Halloween party.

In addition, everyone is reminded to avoid mixed crowds, consuming liquor, and holding public practice of traditions that are associated with religions other than Islam, such as Halloween, Valentines and Christmas, the advisory cautioned.

It urged community members to be cautious about producing, sharing and spreading any post on social media or electronically that compromises public order, religious values, public morals, and privacy, pursuant to the Kingdom’s laws and policies on cyber crimes.

Riyadh police raided a compound in the outskirts of Al-Tumamah area where a Halloween party was organized last weekend after neighbours complained of loud noises and disturbance from the event.

The police were concerned by disorderly conduct and the use of masks and strange costumes said a statement issued earlier.

The police statement added that the organizers of the party had been charged with holding an event without a permit and disturbing the neighbourhood.

Many Saudis voiced their displeasure on Twitter following the online publication of photos of the costumed partygoers, who were reportedly attendees of the party. Others voiced concern that the party may have been serving alcohol, which is illegal in the Kingdom.

Those detained by the police comprised a number of Filipino women. The embassy has been following up the case with local authorities, said sources.


Source Credit: Saudi Gazette


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