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Saudi: Foreign Investors’ Ownership in Stock Market Jumps to SR 374.3 Billion

The total ownership of foreign investors in the Saudi stock market, including strategic partners, increased from 12.11 percent to 12.22 percent, with a value of SR374.3 billion. Saudi Aramco’s stocks are not included in this, according to the data issued by the Capital Market Authority.

The investments of non-founders in the Saudi stock market increased from 10.65 percent to 10.73 percent of the total market during the week ending August 10, compared to the end of the previous week, bringing the value of their ownership, excluding Aramco, to SR328.64 billion.

According to the data, the ownership of Gulf investors in the Saudi market increased during the week ending on August 10, from 1.90 percent to 1.91 percent of the total market value of shares listed without Aramco, bringing their ownership value to SR58.5 billion.


Saudi Gazette

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