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Saudi Founding Day Celebrations Across Kingdom To Mark Occasion

Citizens and residents in Saudi Arabia can expect days-long of events and celebrations in honour of the Kingdom’s Founding Day on Wednesday.

The Saudi Founding Day will be marked with an official holiday on Wednesday, February 22 while public sector employees and students will enjoy a long weekend with Thursday, February 23 also off. Private companies will decide on whether to give Thursday off for their employees as well.

Events will be held across the country and the capital Riyadh will also have its share of celebrations as the city’s towers have already been lit up with green lighting in preparation for the holiday.


History depicted through art is one of the ways in which the Founding Day will be marked. People can enjoy a musical performance based on Arabic poetry which shows the history and glories of Saudi Arabia since it was founded until contemporary times.

Theatre stars and singers will take part in the play from February 22 until February 27 at the conference centre at Princess Nourah University in Riyadh. Tickets range between $13 (50 Saudi riyals) and $40 (150 Saudi riyals).

Founding Day historical march

The Kingdom’s history and values of the Founding Day will be shown off during a march that will include a procession of horses and huge artistic sculptures. The march, which will take place on Riyadh’s Prince Turki bin Abdulaziz Al Awwal Road, will tell the story of the Kingdom’s bonding, development and courage.

The march will take place on Friday, February 24 after Isha prayer (7:21 p.m.).
Attendees can enjoy food and snacks at the event before the show starts and people are encouraged to stick around to enjoy the fireworks show.

Seminars and dialogue meetings

From Wednesday until Friday, a series of events will be taking place at the King Fahad National Library that will introduce visitors to the cultural heritage of the first Saudi state through seminars, meetings and workshops.

Cultural events

Riyadh’s King Abdullah Financial District will witness cultural events that will take visitors back three centuries ago and will give them a chance to revisit history by creating popular markets, showcasing traditional Saudi clothes in addition to interactive exhibitions and historical plays.


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