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Saudi: Gatherings to Blame for Hike in COVID-19 Cases

Saudi Health Ministry’s spokesman has attributed the increase of COVID-19 cases among children and women to social gatherings.

A total of 22 percent of Monday’s recorded cases were women and 7 percent were children.

“The increase was due to crowded social gatherings in a way that violates health advice and instructions,” said Dr. Mohammed Al-Abd Al-Aly. “This is shown in the figures; in recent days, there was an increase in the number of females and children, the number of Saudi nationals has also increased.”

He said that the increase in cases indicated that certain activities had returned in a negative manner and described this as “very unfortunate.”

Epidemiological investigations revealed that some cases were linked to gatherings of 30 or more people, he said.

This was a violation of the precautionary measure set in place by the authorities.


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