Saudi: Girl Escapes Home & Complains Abuse By Father

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Saudi Attorney General Sheikh Saud Al-Mujib has ordered an urgent investigation into a video posted on social media showing a young woman alleging abuse by her father, along with any legal action deemed necessary as a result.

She said that domestic violence was the reason why she fled her home.

The social protection unit at the Ministry of Labor and Social Development responded to the directive and began an investigation

The girl claimed in a voice clip and tweets on Twitter tweets that she was physically and verbally abused by her father.

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The ministry’s spokesman said they had contacted the girl, who called herself Njood, and that they were currently studying her case. He said the ministry would issue a full statement when all details of the case become available.

The victim posted tweets calling for help to protect her from her father’s abuse.

She said in the voice clip that she managed to escape from her house through a window to a neighbour’s apartment and lived with her friends.

She threatened if she was not rescued from abuse, she might do something reckless. The girl said she did not want to return to her father’s home and expressed her desire to live in a protection home.

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Source Credit: Saudi Gazette


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