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Saudi: Grand Mosque Enforces Ban on Large Bags, Certain Food Items

The Grand Mosque in Mecca has introduced new regulations aimed at ensuring the safety and comfort of Umrah pilgrims while performing their circumambulation rituals and the Sa’i between Safa and Marwa.

Saif Al Salami, Supervisor of the Grand Mosque Gates Department, announced that unauthorised water bags, travel bags, and food items are among the objects prohibited from entry into the mosque.

Al Salami emphasised that the ban extends to any items that could potentially disrupt the pilgrims’ experience.

Large travel bags, in particular, have been singled out due to their bulky nature, posing a safety risk in crowded areas. These measures are part of a broader initiative aimed at facilitating a smooth and secure pilgrimage for all attendees.

The list of prohibited items includes:

  • Food and beverages, except of coffee, dates, and water
  • Sharp instruments
  • Flammable liquids
  • Large bags and luggage
  • Strollers

These restrictions are designed to streamline the flow of pilgrims moving through the Grand Mosque, especially during peak times of worship. By minimising unnecessary obstructions, authorities hope to enhance the spiritual atmosphere and ensure that the focus remains on the religious significance of the Umrah pilgrimage.


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