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Saudi gyms resume operations amid coronavirus precautions

Many businesses including gyms have resumed operations since the Kingdom lifted a nationwide coronavirus curfew on June 21, and are welcoming back those who felt their fitness fade due to months of lockdown and the difficulty of staying active at home.

The branches of the Ministry of Sports in various regions and cities of the Kingdom resumed activities in gyms, sports halls and centers amid coronavirus precautionary measures.

They also followed the precautionary and awareness-raising measures for all visitors to these sports facilities, to prevent any transmission of the novel coronavirus COVID-19 infection.

The protocol also stipulates the use of a daily reservation system that allows a limited number of gym-goers to book and attend for a specified period of time, to ensure there is no crowding in the facility, and to remove stretching sponges, sponge balls and training gloves. The protocol stresses that gym users should come bring along their personal sports equipment.

The protocol stresses prohibition on the use of sports equipment alternately among participants and forbids the assistance of another person in training, such as assistance in weight lifting.

The protocol also emphasizes reducing the capacity of the gyms, halls and sports centers to ensure compliance with mandatory social distancing between participants, by a distance of 1.5 – 2.0 meters between one gym user and another, and preventing the entry of any participants into the premises (area) when it reaches full capacity.

It is compulsory for gyms, sports halls and centers to organize the gym users and not to allow any crowding. The presence of one supervisor per square meter is necessary to ensure and instill awareness among gym-goers. The swimming pool area and its annexes like the sauna, steam, and Jacuzzi, including massage activities, will remain closed.



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