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Saudi: Half a million citizens employed in 2021

The total number of Saudis who entered the employment market during the year 2021 accounted for about 499,000, with an average hiring of 1,367 Saudis per day.

The total number of male and female Saudi employees in the local labor market reached about 2.25 million last year, and this marked an increase of 28.51 percent while comparing to the year 2020, when their number reached about 1.75 million.

With regard to non-Saudis, the number of workers witnessed a drop of 0.97 percent during the last year, with the difference between exit and entry of foreigners in the labor market accounted for about 2,000, bringing the total number of male and female expatriate workers in the market to about 6.27 million. The number of male workers who left the market was about 59,000 while those newly employed reached about 57,000.


Saudi Gazette
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