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Saudi: Health Ministry Official Passes Away Serving Hajj Pilgrims

Saudi Minister of Health Fahd Al-Jalajel has announced the passing of Abdullah Al-Harithi, the supervisor of the Jamarat health sector. Al-Harithi died on duty while serving Hajj pilgrims in Mina.

Al-Jalajel commended Al-Harithi’s long-standing dedication and the significant impact he made on many lives through his service in the health management of the Hajj pilgrimage.

Al-Harithi had prepared health plans for receiving pilgrims at the Jamarat Bridge and ensured, along with his colleagues from the health sector, that all facilities were in place to serve pilgrims.

His routine over many years was to be ready with his team to serve the pilgrims, a commitment he fulfilled until his passing in Mina.

Previously, Al-Harithi served as the Deputy Executive Director for Inventory Control Management and as clinic manager at the King Faisal Complex. He was recognized as a leader within the Makkah Health Cluster and had extensive experience in health services for Hajj. This year, he was appointed to work in the sacred sites after achieving numerous successes over the years in leadership roles within the health sectors of Hajj.

Zahem Al-Otaibi, a consultant at the Ministry of Health, also mourned Al-Harithi, describing him as a brother and a cherished colleague, known for his noble character, perpetual smile, generosity, and readiness to assist.

“He left this world while serving the guests of God, a beautiful ending indeed. May God shower him with His mercy and admit him into His vast gardens,” Al-Otaibi said.


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