Saudi: Heatwave and dust storm warning issued

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Saudi Arabia’s General Authority for Meteorology and Environmental Protection is forecasting a heatwave in some areas of the kingdom from Tuesday.

The organisation said temperatures in the Eastern Province and eastern parts of Riyadh could exceed 48C and dust may affect horizontal vision during the day from Tuesday until the beginning of next week.

The General Authority for Meteorology and Environmental Protection has issued three advance warnings on weather conditions in various parts of the country.

The weather office in Madinah has cautioned the public about severe dust storms with a strength of 60 km per hour with poor visibility between 11am and 4pm. The winds are expected to carry dust and limit visibility in the eastern areas, Riyadh, Al-Qassim, eastern parts of Madinah.

In the southern Jazan region, advance alerts have been issued about possible heavy rains accompanied by thunderbolts and a cold spell in addition to strong winds limiting horizontal vision, beginning from noon and until 9 p.m.

In Makkah and Baha regions, authorities have issued advanced warnings on the possibility of heavy rains accompanied by thunder and strong winds that would limit horizontal visibility between 1 p.m. and 9 p.m


Source Credit: Saudi Gazette


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