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Saudi: Hefty fines on holding large family gatherings

The Ministry of Interior warned that SR10,000 in fine will be slapped on those who violate the coronavirus preventive protocols in terms of holding large family gatherings.

The ministry said in a statement on its Twitter account that this violation includes family gatherings inside homes, rest houses, farms, and similar places in excess of the numbers specified by the competent authority unless they belong to members of a family living in a single residence.

According to the ministry, the maximum penalty for attending such gatherings is SR5000 while the penalty for inviting to attend the gathering is SR10,000.

“In the event of a repetition of the violation, the penalty imposed in the previous time shall be doubled and the maximum penalty for the repetitions of the violation would amount to SR100,000, in addition to referring the perpetrator of the violation for the second time to the Public Prosecution to consider his imprisonment in accordance with the legal procedures,” the ministry said.


Saudi Gazette

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