Saudi: Historic Tombstones Discovered in Makkah

The pieces of artifacts are being handed over to SCTH for the specialists to study.
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Tombstones that date back to the early Islamic period were unearthed near the historic Al-Moalla Cemetery in Makkah, according to the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage (SCTH).

The artefacts were discovered during digging for the construction of a smart parking lot near the cemetery, located north of the Grand Mosque. “These tombstones that carry inscriptions in Islamic calligraphy, as well as a fraction of pottery, all date back to the early Islamic period.” Naif Al-Qanur, director-general of Registration and Preservation of Antiquities at the National Heritage Sector of SCTH said.

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The Makkah branch of SCTH and the contracting company will coordinate for the supervision of the next phases of the digging works as well as to receive the discovered artefacts.


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