Saudi Issues New Set Of Rules For Working Women

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Saudi Arabia has issued a set of rules to help create “a positive working atmosphere that would attract women and boost their presence in the labour market and help the private sector offer greater employment opportunities to women with an attractive, secure and stable environment.”

Under the rules, women can do night shifts from 6 pm up to 6 am if their work is in the health or charity sectors, emergencies or is needed to keep materials from being damaged.

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They can also do the late shifts if they hold senior positions or have leadership assignments or if they work in establishments that are under the municipalities during special seasons, such as the fasting month of Ramadan. The rule also applies to work that involves presenting events to the public.

Under the rules, workplaces should be secure and provide privacy, sitting areas, separate toilets and mosques for women.

A woman cannot be asked to do the night shift in a mixed place unless there is at least one other woman with her and men cannot work in establishments that are reserved for women.

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According to rules on the employment of women in industrial activities, women are entitled to safe and decent clothes in production lines.

Source: Gulf News


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