Saudi Judiciary To Introduce Alternative Punishments

saudi judiciary
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The Saudi judiciary plans to introduce alternative punishments which include social work for prisoners convicted of minor crimes instead of making them serve prison time.

Convicts who are sentenced to alternative punishments will be made to wear electronic bracelets so that prison authorities can follow up their movements and know their whereabouts, said an official from the Saudi Judiciary Department.

Former chief of the Executive Court in Jeddah said, “The application of substitute punishments will benefit the individual, society and the country at large.

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He asked the prisons directorate to establish the basic infrastructure needed for this project and said the experiment should be expanded to all prisons in the Kingdom.

The alternative punishment calls for applying electronic monitoring for prisoners who go out on parole to spend the Eid holidays with the families or to attend social functions such as weddings and funerals.

Those who are imprisoned for failing to honor financial commitments are the most worthy of alternative punishments, the chief said.

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The project of the alternative punishments has been forwarded to the committee of experts at the Council of Ministers to approve.

The initiative is also supported by the ministries of interior, labor and social development, justice and the Public Prosecution.


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