Saudi Labor Ministry declares war on private sector corruption

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In a move which is considered as a “declaration of war” on corruption in the private sector, the Ministry of Labor and Social Development called upon companies to adopt a firm policy against bribery, bad “business facilitators” and any misconduct which may violate work ethics.
The ministry also requested that the Council of Saudi Chambers (CSC) yesterday start implementing Cabinet Decision No. 111,053 of Aug. 8, which obliges companies and institutions to prepare special work ethic guides, similar to the ministry’s own guide which defines unacceptable practices in the work place, mainly bribery, accepting gifts, and all forms of corruption.
The ministry’s guide considers bribery to be one the major crimes that could lead to social corruption, and harm national interests and social development. It also maintains that Islamic law prohibits such conduct.
Moreover, the ministry’s guide stresses the importance of familiarizing the labor force with the consequences of the crime of bribery, which may entail severe punishment under Saudi law.
The ministry also warned against the collection of donations in the work place because “Saudi regulations only allow certain licensed entities to collect donations.”
Source credit – Arab News


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