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Saudi launches online service for movement permits

Saudi Public Security has added an online service of movement permits within the region and between the country’s governorates, as well as moving between different neighborhoods within cities for people with exceptional circumstances.

This service will be available in all regions of the Kingdom except the regions of Makkah and Madinah, via the link:, the Public Security added.

Public Security said that applicants can register by following the steps:

  1. Registration, including entering the applicant’s name, the citizen’s identity card number or expatriate’s ID number and the mobile number.
  2. Clicking the “SEND” icon.
  3. Filling the verification number sent to the applicant’s mobile in the allocated blank space and mentioning the approval for the request.
  4. The applicant will receive a message of acknowledgment on his/her mobile.
  5. The application will be studied and the applicant will receive an approval or apology.
    The approval message will include the period for movement and route.


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