Saudi law criminalizes spying on spouse’s mobile phone

Saudi Arabia has outlawed 'spying' on your spouse, punishable by a year in jail
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The act of spying on your spouse’s mobile phone in Saudi Arabia is now a criminal offence potentially punishable by a hefty fine and a year in jail.

“Married individuals planning to spy on their spouse in Saudi Arabia will need to think twice, because such an activity could potentially attract a fine of 500,000 riyals ($133,000, 108,000 euros), along with a prison term for a year,” read an English-language statement released by Saudi Arabia’s information ministry.

The provision, part of a new anti-cybercrime law which came into force last week, is meant to “protect morals of individuals and society and protect privacy”, the ministry said.

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The move comes amid a “steady increase in cybercrimes such as blackmail, embezzlement and defamation”, the statement said.

The ultra-conservative kingdom is among the world’s top per capita users of cellphone apps and social media. More than half of Saudi Arabia’s citizens are under 25, many of whom spend much of their time on mobile platforms, away from official strictures and traditions.


Abdul Aziz bin Batel, a lawyer and legal adviser, said that any crime committed using computers, mobile phones and cameras is considered a cybercrime and will be punished accordingly.

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Source Credit: Daily Mail


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