Saudi Lifts Ban On Travel To Thailand Under Proposed Conditions

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Saudi Arabia is reportedly considering easing a ban imposed 30 years ago on the travel of its citizens to Thailand.

Saudi Arabia imposed the ban following the “blue diamond” affair of 1989 when a Thai national broke into the palace of a Saudi prince and stole close to 100kg of jewellery, including a fabulous blue diamond.

Soon afterwards, three Saudi diplomats in Bangkok were shot execution-style in two different attacks on the same night, and two days later, a Saudi businessman was killed.

Under the new rules, six categories of Saudis will be allowed to visit the far-eastern country without breaking the law, Al Hayat daily reported on Sunday, quoting well-informed sources it did not name.

The decision was based on the recommendations of the security committee tasked with studying the outstanding issues between Saudi Arabia and Thailand.

Reliable sources told Okaz/Saudi Gazette that a special committee has studied the pending cases between the two countries and has proposed six conditions on which Saudis will be allowed to travel to Thailand.

The proposal will allow public sector employees to attend international and regional sports and cultural conferences, symposiums, meetings and competitions in Thailand. Saudis will also be allowed to import goods from Thailand after presenting a certificate attested by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Saudis can also travel to Thailand for medical treatment.

They can also visit their kin serving the Saudi Embassy in Thailand after presenting a letter attested by the Embassy.

Citizens having family ties in Thailand will be allowed to travel to the country.


Source: Saudi Gazette

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