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Saudi: Man arrested for insulting working Saudi woman

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Makkah Police have arrested a male citizen who insulted Saudi women, describing them with terms and expressions contradicting the values and public morals, for being empowered and going out to work in various fields.

The male citizen’s objection to women going out to work, and his criticism of support and empowerment for women in society was portrayed in offensive references and tweets and the media content went viral on the social media platforms.

With reference to what was monitored through one of the social media on a person who posted offensive tweets against Saudi women, the security follow-up resulted in the identification of the account owner. He is a Saudi citizen in his sixties and has been arrested and taken into custody.

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Apart from taking regulatory measures against him he has now been referred to the Public Prosecution, the media spokesman for Makkah Region Police Maj. Muhammad Al-Ghamdi confirmed.

In the same connection, an official source at the Prosecution Monitoring Center in the Public Prosecution stated: “It has been documented that a citizen produced media content on a social media platform, showing direct insult to Saudi women as he talked about them with insulting words, infringing on their dignity.


“Therefore, based on Articles 15 and 17 of the Penal Procedures Regulation, and due to the public interest, the Public Prosecution has issued an order to arrest the offending citizen, following search and investigation procedures, to confirm that he is the actual person concerned with the procedures.

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“He was then referred to the competent authority in the Public Prosecution to complete the regulatory requirements against him.”

The source asserted that the Public Prosecution is following with concern all that might prejudice women’s rights, which are guaranteed by the law, including infringing on their dignity and legitimate freedom, whatever the pretexts for such an act.


The source stressed that every necessary measure will be taken in this regard, in line with the Public Prosecution’s powers.



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