Saudi: man who blackmailed woman with posting personal pictures online arrested

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A man who threatened to post “intimidating” pictures of a woman on social media was arrested on Thursday under the Saudi Anti-Cyber Crime Law.

Police said their investigating team thoroughly studied the correspondence between the suspect and the woman. He resisted arrest when he was found in a car.

After the arrest, police discovered that he was using a stolen car with another vehicle’s number plate. The original plate was found in his vehicle.

He is currently in custody at Al-Arija police station until investigations are completed, after which he will be charged before a court under the Anti-Cyber Crime Law.

The law protects people from the use of unauthorized pictures or recordings by a camera-equipped mobile phone.

It also ensures the safe exchange of data; protects the rights of computer and Internet users; and protects the public interest, morals and privacy.

Those found guilty under the law are subject to penalties and a jail term depending on the degree of the offense.

Source credit – Arab News

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