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Saudi Man Held Over Mosque Reopening Claim

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Saudi police arrested a citizen who appeared in an online video claiming that a date has been set for allowing the faithful to prayer in mosques still closed.

“Regarding the video clip circulated on social media showing a person spreading rumours about measures taken to limit the spread of the coronavirus and his claims about setting a date for allowing prayers in mosques and changing the curfew timings, security scrutiny, thank be to Allah, resulted in identifying and arresting him,” spokesman for the Riyadh region police Col Chaker Al Twejiri said.

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Saudi authorities have repeatedly warned against spreading false rumours harming public order on social media as the country is striving to stem the coronavirus.

Offenders face up to five years in prison and a maximum fine of 3 million Saudi riyals.

Saudi Arabia has shut down mosques and imposed a nationwide curfew as part of a series of strict measures against the spread of coronavirus.



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