Saudi: Man Kills Wife, Escapes To Mountain With Kids

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A Saudi man killed his wife with a dagger before the eyes of his 4-year-old daughter in Beesh town in Jazan on Thursday and tried to escape to the nearby Munjid Mountain.

However, he was captured by a number of citizens on his way to the mountains.

The man escaped in his four-wheel-drive vehicle taking with him his infant daughter and the four-year-old who witnessed the brutal murder of her mother.

When the older girl began to cry non-stop, he got out of the car and ran toward the mountain. People who saw him running thought he needed help after his car had broken down but the young girl told them that he had killed their mother.

The witnessed informed the police and went after the man. They captured him despite his pleas to leave him alone. The woman he had killed was his second wife whom he had married about five years ago. He had 11 children from a previous marriage.


Source: Saudi Gazette