Saudi: Mechanic hired as dental technician in hospital

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Manama: An expatriate assistant maintenance mechanic has reportedly worked as a dental technician in a hospital in Saudi Arabia for two decades.

The foreigner, from an Asian country, was also named the head of a dentistry laboratory at the hospital in the capital Riyadh that is not under the health ministry, Saudi news site Sabq reported on Sunday.

His work badge states that he is a dental technician, sources told Sabq, but without explaining whether he had conned his way into the position or was recruited even though he did not meet the criteria for appointment.

The deception came to light when Nazaha, the Saudi National Anti-Corruption Commission entrusted with protecting integrity and combating corruption in the country, received information that an assistant maintenance mechanic was recruited as a dental technician and dental laboratory head in a general hospital around 20 years ago.

Sources said that in his capacity, the mechanic/technician was in charge of several Saudi experts, some of whom have more than 13 years of experience in the field and hold high-profile positions.

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Saudi media users said they were shocked by the news and expressed anger that it took 20 years to uncover the deception.

“Does this mean that in 20 years, there was no evaluation of the staff?” Mohammad asked. “We are all well aware that some foreigners cannot find jobs commensurate with their qualifications in their home countries and choose to come to the Gulf to work in any position. However, when they find a job that matches their skills, they take it, but they have a problem changing the job title on the identity card.”

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Gargash, another user, said that the expatriate cannot be blamed “for it, he found a good opportunity and seized it.”

“The blame lies with those who recruited him or were deceived by him and they are the ones who should be held responsible for mismanagement,” he said.

Source Credit: Gulf News


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