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Saudi: More than 2.4m Captagon pills thwarted in Jeddah, Empty Quarter

Zakat, Tax, and Customs Authority (ZATCA) announced that it had thwarted 2 attempts to smuggle more than 2.4 million Captagon pills in Jeddah and the Empty Quarter ports.

ZATCA stressed that it has thwarted this quantity from being smuggled into the Kingdom after finding the Captagon pills hidden inside consignments that came to Saudi Arabia through these two ports.

The first attempt was thwarted in the Empty Quarter port with the customs finding more than 1.2 million of Captagon pills inside a consignment.

While the second attempt was thwarted in the Jeddah Islamic port seizing a similar quantity of the Captagon pills that was hidden inside a cement consignment.

ZATCA confirmed that it has arrested 6 people who had arrived to receive this amount of Captagon pills.


Saudi Gazette

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