Saudi Mother Kidnapped In Istanbul While On Holiday

Saudi Mother Kidnapped
A picture shows the construction site of the Taksim Mosque on the landmark Taksim square in the Turkish city of Istanbul, on February 14, 2019. (Photo by Yasin AKGUL / AFP)
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A Saudi mother has been kidnapped in Istanbul while on holiday in Turkey with her family.

The sources revealed that Abeer was disappeared while she was walking next to a hotel in the Asian part of Istanbul, where she was staying with her family. The woman arrived in Istanbul with her husband and children for tourism purposes, the sources said.

Security surveillance cameras showed “a person, carrying a small bottle, sprayed on the face of the Saudi tourist, who eventually lost consciousness before taking her with him until she disappeared from the scene,” the sources added.

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Saudi Arabia’s embassy in Turkey had issued a warning last week to its citizens after unidentified gunmen shot at and robbed a group of Saudi nationals in Istanbul last Saturday.

The embassy asked Saudi nationals in Turkey to take all precautions during their stay and to avoid going to Sisli and Taksim Square — two popular tourist spots in the city — after sunset.


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