Saudi: Mother tortured her baby twins for money

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A woman who mercilessly tortured her two baby daughters in Saudi Arabia and filmed the incident was arrested yesterday. The Saudi Ministry of Labour and Social Development has saved two baby twins from their mother, after videos of torture went viral on social media.

The videos taken by the mother show the twin baby girls crying while mother slaps them and drops them from a height to the floor until they bleed. In another video, the mother tries to choke one of the girls and telling her “today I will kill you”.

Many in Saudi Arabia took to Twitter and started sharing the videos of the mother tagging the Saudi ministry of Labour and Social Development, and different officials with a hashtag saying “mother torturing her girl”.

The spokesman of the ministry, Khalid Aba Khail, also tweeted that the Centre against Family Violence was notified and that authorities were looking for the babies.

Mohanad Al Hashdi, a Yemeni citizen, who knows the father’s family in Yemen was behind posting the videos.

The mother is a Somali married to a Yemeni, and the couple were living in Saudi Arabia. They are now divorced and the man does not support her. She took the videos of herself torturing the 6-month old babies and sent them to her former husband’s father in Yemen so he can push him to send her money.

In the videos, Al Hashdi was seen pleading for the help of Saudis to save the babies as their grandfather can’t travel from Yemen to Saudi Arabia. A few hours later, the spokesman of the ministry, Khalid Aba Khail, tweeted that the twins were located in Jeddah, and have been taken away from the mother.

According to Saudi news websites, “the mother was arrested and relevant legal procedures are being undertaken”. The twins were hospitalised by the ministry and later released after checkups. They were handed to the father’s relatives.


Source Credit: Gulf News


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