Saudi: Mystery of the ‘Dammam Kidnapper’ Case Solved

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Saudi Arabia’s Public Prosecution Spokesperson said on Friday that they indicted five defendants in the case known in the media as the ‘Dammam Kidnapper’ case.

The ‘Dammam Kidnapper’ case is that of a Saudi woman who had kidnapped two boys from a hospital in Dammam in the 1990s, raised them as her own and reportedly told them they were born out of wedlock.

Police investigations into the babies’ disappearance failed to yield results until suspicions about the identity of the two boys, who are now in their twenties, rose after she tried to apply for identification cards for them.

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When she submitted applications to obtain identification documents for the two men and when the authorities conducted the required medical and technical examinations, the results proved no biological relationship between her and them, and their lineage to other Saudi families who had previously reported the abduction of their children.

The investigation – which included 247 procedures and 41 interrogation sessions with 21 suspects and witnesses – resulted in the indictment of five defendants in the case, four Saudi nationals and a Yemeni.

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The Public Prosecution demanded “Hadd al-Hirabah” against the first three defendants and severe punishments for the fourth and fifth defendants in accordance with the penal system.


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