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Saudi: Nazaha Cracks Down On Corruption With 20 Criminal Cases

The Spokesman of the Oversight and Anti-Corruption Authority (Nazaha) declared that the Authority has initiated several criminal cases lately, with legal procedures underway against the accused. Among the most prominent cases:

With the cooperation of the Central Bank, two bank employees were arrested for receiving sums of money from a resident in exchange for depositing cash into bank accounts belonging to commercial entities, totaling SR7,343,650 over a two-year period.

In another case, an employee working as an “Injury Assessor” at the Criminal Court colluded with a citizen mediator and another citizen to provide a false medical report, leading to a compensation of SR687,000 from an insurance company, with the employee receiving SR300,000.

Additionally, a resident was arrested for receiving SR917,000 in exchange for sub-awarding government contracts to a commercial entity without proper classification.

An expert appointed by the Commercial Court, who owned an engineering consulting company, was caught receiving SR65,000 for preparing a technical report with incorrect information for a pending case.

Furthermore, an employee at the Social Development Bank received SR100,000 for illegally facilitating financing for new projects.

With cooperation from the Ministry of Interior, a resident was arrested for offering SR55,000 to a narcotics control officer for release.

In another case, an employee in a Municipality forced people to contract with a public services office owned by an acquaintance, in exchange for completing paperwork with the Municipality.

Moreover, the Head of the Buildings and Encroachments Department in a Municipality and a citizen mediator were caught receiving SR30,000 for not removing buildings violating municipal regulations.

Two residents working with a contracting company with the National Water Company were arrested for receiving SR15,000 to cancel a SR500,000 water bill.

Additionally, the Director of Operations and Maintenance in the Education Department of a governorate was arrested for soliciting SR34,500 for completing financial dues procedures for a contracting commercial entity with the Education Department.

Furthermore, a Non-Commissioned officer working at the General Directorate of Passports was caught receiving SR15,000 for completing paperwork procedures related to the children of a female citizen.

An employee at a University Hospital was arrested for receiving SR100,000 from citizens for promising employment at the university.

In another case, a resident was arrested for receiving SR14,000 for illegally delivering sewage services to his home.

Two residents acting as mediators were caught receiving SR5,000 to close a pending case with the Criminal Investigation Department in a region’s police by a non-commissioned officer.

The Head of the Nationalization Committee at the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development received SR26,000 from a commercial store for overlooking violations during a supervisory visit.

A nursing technician working in a hospital affiliated with the Ministry of Defense was arrested for stealing medicines not intended for sale, aiming to trade them with two residents.

Furthermore, a nurse working in a government hospital in a region was arrested for illegally obtaining narcotic medical drugs.

In a Municipality, an employee was arrested for receiving SR1,500 for issuing a technical report fraudulently.

Finally, an employee working for an airline company was arrested for smuggling 858 pieces of gold into the Kingdom.

The Authority reaffirmed its commitment to pursue those exploiting public office for personal gain or harming public interest. Accountability extends beyond individuals’ retirement, as such crimes have no statute of limitations. The Authority will continue to enforce the law with zero-tolerance against corruption.


Saudi Gazette

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