Saudi: NEOM Airport Welcomes Its First Flight

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NEOM airport welcomed its first Saudi Arabian Airlines flight Thursday with 130 passengers on board, the Saudi Press Agency reported. NEOM, a $500 billion megacity in the Kingdom’s northwest, is a key part of Saudi Arabia’s vision to diversify its economy.

The plane transported 130 NEOM Project staffers in their first official visit to hold their first annual meeting on the project site. There is a plan to establish a network of airports in NEOM that will include an international airport with world-class standards.

Saudia operated two Airbus A320 aircraft to the NEOM Airport, which carries the symbol of an airport of the International Civil Aviation Organization.

Nadhmi Al-Nasr, CEO of the NEOM Project, said that the trip to the project site aimed at enabling the staffers to experience the outcome of their efforts to make the ambitious project successful since its launching last year.

Encouraging economic activities is one of the basic goals of NEOM. For this purpose, an infrastructure will be developed to attract emerging firms in the 16 targeted economic sectors; the future of energy, water, mobility, biotech, food, manufacturing, media, entertainment, culture and fashion, technology and digital, tourism, sport, design and construction, services, health and well-being, education, and livability.

The entire project’s space exceeds 25,000 sq. km of land and its cost is forecast to reach USD500 billion.

NEOM enjoys an uninterrupted coastline stretching over 468 kilometers.


Source Credit: Aawsat


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