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Saudi: New 5 riyal polymer banknote issued

Saudi Arabia issued a new fiver-riyal polymer banknote, the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA) announced on Sunday.

SAMA said that this was a step towards developing the new national currency.  

The new five-fryal note is made of materials that contain “security technologies” and material that make it “safe and more environmentally friendly.”

The note was also made to withstand different conditions, such as different temperatures and moisture, and not to be damaged when folded.

The new note, that is also resistant to dirt, was made from Saudi petrochemical materials.

SAMA indicated that the initial quantity of the new denomination is going to be put into circulation by Monday, noting that the new denomination will go side by side with the five-riyal denomination currently in circulation, as well as the rest of the sixth issue in circulation as legal tender.


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