Saudi news reader mispronounces German city of Hamburg as Hamburger

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A Saudi television newsreader who waded into controversy after referring to the German city of Hamburg as “Hamburger” said that he was grateful to the information minister for his support.

Mohammad Al Dhiyabi was reading the news live on Saudi Arabia’s national television about the G20 summit held in Hamburg. He then held a live conversation with a correspondent who informed the viewers about the latest developments regarding the global event in the German city.

The Saudi news reader throughout the coverage pronounced the name of the city correctly, but at the end of the report, he thanked the correspondent for his contributions from the “German capital Hamburger.”

A video clip of the gaffe was captured and within minutes went viral on the internet, prompting derisive comments on the double mistake about the name of the capital of German and how Hamburg became “hamburger.”

Initial reports claimed that the Saudi information minister Awad Al Awad ordered the sacking of Al Dhiyabi over the blunder. However, the newsreader said that the minister did not suspend him despite the double blunder.


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